Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sakhi's Terracota Collection- The latest in Earthy Fashion

Sakhi launches an exclusive range of ethnic and chic collection of Terracotta accessories online on . All designs are inspired by Nature and most of them are modified and taken from the temple traditions of India. Over the years the designs have been adapted to the changing needs of the Indian woman with a range of designs which are exquisite fashion accessory and extremely functional too. These delicate hand crafted masterpieces are a product of artisans from Bangalore. These elegant collector’s items can be matched beautifully with the elegant sarees created by designer Chandra. The earthy hues range from rustic Maroons, bottle Greens, burnt Orange and Rust to trendy Black & Gold to create ensembles that are trendy yet signature stylish accessories.

The special appeal of Sakhi’s designer Terracotta jewelry is that the pieces are fashionable and elegant. We find our collection of Terracotta jewelry is growing popular in India as well as with Indian settled abroad. The designs one can find in Sakhi are unique in that the designs are bold and inspired by heritage Indian Jewellery, accessories of Indian royalty in particular. These unique creations transcend culture they can be teamed with Indian wear to give a classy and elegant look and the same can be teamed with western attire to give ethnic chic look.

Terracotta is an Italian word that literally means cooked earth and the material is a hard red earthenware. It is ceramic this special reference is because items fabricated out of this material in its natural form are reddish brown in color. Earlier this material was used to create earthen pots and vessels but continued innovation in the traditional Indian Handicraft has resulted in the launch of a trendy new range of accessories- Ellaborate Malas, Jhoomkas, Balis, Manga Mala, Peacock Inspired Mohp designs and many more to choose from at Sakhi. There are many stages in creation of this fragile and beautiful collection, In the first stage the mud or earth is crafted or molded into the desired Stage two involves baking the same in a kiln for many hours, one can get a glazed rough finish in the stage or Stage three involves application of desired colours via hand painting the artifact.

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